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US close to losing leadership in Asia and the Pacific

Focus on Indo-Pacific

G Iuvinale

China is one step away from regional supremacy in Asia. This is what the latest Asia Power

Index from the Australian think tank Lowy Institute tells us. The report, published on February 5, analyzes the effective power of 26 countries in the region by economic capacity, military capacity, resilience, future resources, economic relations, defense networks, diplomatic influence and cultural influence.

"Despite China's abrupt departure due to the Zero Covid policy, the reopening in 2023 could be an important window of opportunity for Asia to recapture its traditional advantages: proximity and connectivity", explains project manager Susannah Patton.

The data highlighted in the report shows a clear surplus for China in regional economic relations, with a score of 98.3 euros against 53.7 for the United States. Even the decoupling phenomenon seems limited to some strategic technologies, while in reality Washington continues to invest more in the People's Republic than in India.

“The era of unchallenged US primacy in Asia is over,” the analysis concludes.
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