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China: reality has surpassed imagination. Pandemic, deaths and rampant protests. Everything's quiet.

by Nicola Iuvinale

A very well informed friend writes me:

We are having dinner in the hall of a renowned restaurant. There are some “high-ranking” Chinese.

The wife of one of them is talking to everyone. They don't want to go back to China. In Beijing.

I can't tell you exactly what they're doing here, but the situation they're describing is far worse than the bleakest possible predictions. The dead would number in the hundreds of thousands if not millions. Production chains would be disrupted or worse. The "large protected factories" (Apple, and similar) guarded by the army and completely isolated. Protests everywhere. In some neighborhoods, due to the excess of corpses, cases of cholera, plague and other bacterial infectious diseases are reportedly spreading. Meanwhile, antibiotics and antipyretics would be nowhere to be found. Those who can, flee to agricultural or wooded areas. And according to what they say, that would be just the beginning. Let's talk about Beijing!

It would seem a similar situation in Bergamo in the terrible 2020. On a national scale. Their vaccines would be utterly inadequate. The mortality of sixty-year-olds would be at levels over 20% of the infected.

The crematoria would have run out of diesel to burn the corpses. To which, they would be proceeding to bury them in Islamic cemeteries, in large cities where foreseen. And in landfills.

The protest is not against Xi alone. But against the CCP it would be at very high levels. More importantly, they would have lost control of the police force in many neighborhoods.

People wouldn't even open their windows for fear of the miasma. And it's getting worse. If he's telling the truth (from ........ I'd tare: he doesn't want to go back...) and even only half of what he said is true, within a month the situation there will be worse than explosive.

Oh. He has news of people who became negative and got sick again after a week or so. It seems surreal to me, unless there are multiple epidemics of variants circulating at the same time. If so, other than the airports. The borders must be closed.

Looks like Japan will start. And the situation is not happy there either. But in comparison, it would seem like heaven on earth.

In this video you can see the badly burned corpses; the remains thrown everywhere in landfills.


Warning. Graphics. At Zhumadian Xiangshan Crematorium in #Henan Province (河南驻马店香山火葬场), #China, human bodies were not thoroughly cremated and the remains were discarded. The man shooting this video also complains about the pollution.

There seems to be evidence. More than dangerous situation. If the index is really over 50 (time you double under two days) every possible mutation is happening. They are a perfect case study of Golgi apparatus bent on viral and bacterial selection. Anything could happen. And not limited to Covid.

Quick decisions are needed here.

Disasters are understandable through the political dimension.

What is reported is also confirmed by this article.

There will also be a shortage of medicines worldwide.


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