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International press review Extrema Ratio May 16, 2023

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Il 14 aprile scorso, un editoriale del Wall Street Journal ha sottolineato che il governo di Hong Kong avrebbe preso ?in ostaggio? i fondi pensione di circa 96.000 ?Hong Kongers? che si sono trasferiti nel Regno Unito. La circostanza è stata confermata anche da una ricerca condotta dall'associazione Hong Kong Watch che ha definito la decisione come un cinico atto di deterrenza finanziaria e di vendetta.


  • Russian prime minister to attend business forum in China. Mikhail Mishustin is due to visit Shanghai next week, as Moscow’s economic dependency on China grows. Max Seddon and Anastasia Stognei. Financial Times

  • Ex-ByteDance employee claims China had ‘supreme access’ to all data. The CCP had access to all data held by TikTok-owner Bytedance, including on US servers, according to a former employee who is bringing a wrongful termination lawsuit against the company. Bytedance has vowed to contest the allegations. Laura He and Ramishah Maruf. CNN

  • China’s US$220 billion biotech initiative is struggling to take off. Despite enormous investment in the sector since 2015 and several major IPOs, the nation approved its first mRNA vaccine only this year. Bloomberg

  • China cracks down on ‘bride prices’ to boost birth rate. Concerned about China's first population drop in six decades and its rapidly ageing population, officials are introducing a raft of policies to usher in a ‘new era’ of marriage and childbearing. Harriet Barber. The Telegraph

  • China aims for better-skilled population, to improve childcare. China needs to focus on education, science and technology to develop a better-skilled population, according to the state-backed People's Daily. Meanwhile, broadcaster CCTV announced government plans to double the number of childcare centres by 2025. Farah Master. Reuters

  • China’s rural law enforcement team faces public criticism. The Agricultural Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement team – referred to as nongguan, or ‘agriculture management’ - was set up in January. According to a procurement list circulating on Chinese social media, the rural force is equipped with night-vision goggles, signal jammers, stab-proof vests and stun batons. William Zheng. South China Morning Post

  • Evidence Briefs: Products made with forced labour in the Uyghur region. The Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice has published a reviewof the sectors most significantly affected by forced labor in Xinjiang. Sheffield Hallam University

The New York Times

It is one of the defining competitions of our age: The countries that can make batteries for electric cars will reap decades of economic and geopolitical advantages. The only winner so far is China.

France 24

Recorded executions worldwide reached 883 last year, the highest level since 2017, according to an Amnesty International report published on Tuesday that decried the Middle East and North Africa in particular.


Online brokerages Futu Holding Ltd and UP Fintech Holding Ltd will remove their apps from app stores in mainland China this week under the guidance of Chinese regulators, three sources told Reuters.

Chinese tech entrepreneurs go on global offensive Financial Times Ryan McMorrow and Sun Yu Beijing’s tech crackdown and “common prosperity” drive targeting the country’s business magnates have also sapped confidence in their home market. “Chinese entrepreneurs face intense competition at home and an uncertain business environment, so it makes sense many are looking at opportunities abroad,” said Huan Li, an investor at start-up accelerator Plug and Play. The growing success of China’s leading tech and industrial groups in global markets is also providing encouragement. Ecommerce platforms Shein and Temu are inundating the US with $7 dresses and $3 backpacks sourced from mainland factories. TikTok is hogging more and more of the screen time of 1bn global users, while sales by electric vehicle makers such as BYD are pushing China towards the top of global auto export tables.

China’s Zhongguancun Forum to focus on AI development and renewed international cooperation amid ChatGPT frenzy South China Morning Post Coco Feng The Zhongguancun Forum, a state-backed annual tech event held in Beijing’s answer to Silicon Valley, will focus on artificial intelligence and international cooperation, government officials said on Monday.

Channel News Asia

LONDON: “Hide your brightness, bide your time.” That famous piece of advice from Deng Xiaoping has served China well over the past 40 years. Deng, the leader whose economic policies transformed China, understood that if his country was to become richer and …


Chinese authorities have carried out an investigation into consulting firm Capvision Partners, state media CCTV reported on May 8. CCTV said that investigations by Chinese national security authorities had found that overseas institutions have used …

Belt and Road


Mingyang Smart Energy Group Co., Ltd. and Singaporean renewable energy company Vena Energy signed contracts in Manila for the largest installed wind power projects in the Philippines - the Talim 212.5 MW onshore wind power project and the Sembrano 93.75 MW onshore wind power project. Mingyang Smart will provide 49 MySE 6.25-172 wind turbines for the above two projects, which is currently the model with the largest single-unit capacity in the Philippines. In addition, Mingyang Intelligent will also provide transportation, hoisting, commissioning, operation and long-term operation and maintenance services for the two projects. The project is scheduled to be completed in the second half of 2024.


On the afternoon of May 12, 2023, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Kota Bharu Station of the Malaysia East Coast Railway Project was held in Kota Bharu, the capital of Kelantan. Kota Bharu Station is the first station to commence construction of the East Coast Rail Link project. The East Coast Railway starts from Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia, and ends at Port Klang, Selangor. The line is more than 600 kilometers long and is scheduled to be completed in 2027. The East Coast Railway project will connect important ports on the east and west coasts of the Malay Peninsula, and play a role in improving transportation, attracting investment, and creating jobs. The project is also regarded as a road bridge connecting the east and west coasts of Malaysia. After completion, it is expected to drive the economic development of the east coast of Malaysia and greatly improve the level of connectivity along the route.

China will adopt the tariff rates it pledged under the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement on certain imports from the Philippines on June 2 this year, the Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council has said.

Xinhua Silk Road

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang on Monday met in Beijing with Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto, who came to China to attend the upcoming China-Central & Eastern European Countries (CEEC) Expo.


  • The Group of Seven (G7) is unified behind a common approach to dealing with China based on shared values, even while recognizing that each country will manage its own relationship with Beijing, a senior U.S. administration official said yesterday. President Biden will attend the G7 summit in Japan this week before making a historic stop in Papua New Guinea and then traveling to Australia for a meeting of the grouping known as the Quad countries. Steve Holland and David Brunnstrom report for Reuters.

  • US to sign pacts with Micronesia and PNG as Washington seeks to counter China in Pacific. Papua New Guinea’s prime minister, Jamas Marape, confirmed that his country’s agreements with the US would be signed when Joe Biden becomes the first sitting US president to visit the Pacific nation next week. The Guardian

  • Experts push US Congress for more skilled immigrants to compete with China. More than five dozen experts have called for the House China Select Committee to address ‘immigration bottlenecks’ for international science and engineering graduate students and workers. Alison Snyder and Sophia Cai.Axios

  • The Biden administration is holding its first Iran-focused classified briefing session for all senators today, congressional staffers and U.S. officials said. The briefing comes at a time when relations with Tehran are spiraling, and nuclear constraints are weakening. Alexander Ward, Joe Gould, Matt Berg, and Ari Hawkins report for POLITICO.

  • Mysterious Killing of Chinese Gold Miners Puts New Pressure on Beijing. The massacre of nine workers in the Central African Republic raises questions about China’s ability to protect its citizens overseas. Nicole Hong and Elian Peltier. The New York Times

  • The FBI’s hunt for links between the campaign of former President Trump and Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election was “seriously deficient,” John Durham, a special counsel appointed by Attorney General William Barr, has reported after four years. Much of the FBI conduct described by the Durham report was previously known and was denounced in 2019. Two people charged with crimes as a result of Durham’s probe were found not guilty. A former FBI lawyer pleaded guilty to altering an email to help a colleague prepare a court application for surveillance of a Trump adviser. Devlin Barrett and Perry Stein report for the Washington Post.

  • The House Foreign Affairs Committee will vote next week on whether to hold Secretary of State Antony Blinken in contempt of Congress if the State Department does not give up a classified cable sent ahead of the U.S. withdrawal of Afghanistan, Chair Michael McCaul (R-TX) said yesterday. McCaul issued a subpoena to Blinken in March for the documents written by at least 23 diplomats serving at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul in July 2021. Ellen Mitchell reports for The Hill.

The Washington Post

President Biden heads to Japan on Wednesday for a wide-ranging trip that marks a renewed push on his part to confront China’s growing political, military and economic power, at a time when some experts warn that …

The Washington Post

Comment Newsan, one of Argentina’s biggest home appliance retailers, imports most of its products from China. Until now, it was paying for fridges, TVs and parts in U.S. dollars, the currency of international trade.


Three of President Joe Biden's cabinet members will testify on China policy at a U.S. Senate hearing on Tuesday, a rare joint appearance underscoring Washington's focus on competing with the rising Asian power.

Defence One

Aircraft, drones, and Navy and Coast Guard vessels will try to send a warning message, officials said.

TSA tests facial recognition technology to boost airport security Associated Press Rebecca Santana and Rick Gentilo A passenger walks up to an airport security checkpoint, slips an ID card into a slot and looks into a camera atop a small screen. The screen flashes “Photo Complete” and the person walks through — all without having to hand over their identification to the TSA officer sitting behind the screen. It’s all part of a pilot project by the Transportation Security Administration to assess the use of facial recognition technology at a number of airports across the country.

US tech policy must keep pace with AI innovation TechCrunch Rudina Seseri As innovation in artificial intelligence outpaces news cycles and grabs public attention, a framework for its responsible and ethical development and use has become increasingly critical to ensuring that this unprecedented technology wave reaches its full potential as a positive contribution to economic and societal progress.

The hottest online game: Hunting for classified documents The Wall Street Journal Jessica Donati Videogame enthusiasts are scouring popular social-media platforms in the hope of finding classified U.S. military documents, turning the recent national-security crisis over leaked secrets into a global scavenger hunt. The competition pits online users eager to see secrets against the U.S. government, which wants to keep those secrets off the internet.

US states’ social media laws to protect kids create challenges for platforms Financial Times Hannah Murphy Social media platforms are struggling to navigate a patchwork of US state laws that require them to verify users’ ages and give parents more control over their children’s accounts. States including Utah and Arkansas have already passed child social media laws in recent weeks, and similar proposals have been put forward in other states, such as Louisiana, Texas and Ohio. The legislative efforts are designed to address fears that online platforms are harming the mental health and wellbeing of children and teens amid a rise in teen suicide in the US.

Ransomware group claims 2.5 terabytes of stolen data less than a month after emerging online CyberScoop AJ Vicens A ransomware group has emerged in recent weeks and has already listed four victims including three in the U.S. on its leak site, researchers with the cybersecurity firm Cisco Talos said Monday.

Asia Times

Beijing regulators are leaning into a seven-week rally in China’s sovereign bond market by widening access to onshore interest-rate swaps. Yet what sounds like a rather technical turn of the screw is a huge and timely reform win for institutional investors keen on trading Asia’s biggest economy.

North Asia

  • G7 host Japan seeks unity on China threat. As G7 leaders gather in Japan this weekend, projecting a unified G7 response to China’s military ambitions and its use of ‘economic coercion’ is a top priority for Japanese prime minister Fumio Kishida. Kana Inagaki, Demetri Sevastopulo and Henry Foy. Financial Times


A South Korean citizen, whom South Korea's government identified as soccer player Son Jun-ho, is suspected of accepting bribes and has been detained by the public security department of Liaoning province, China's foreign ministry said on Tuesday.

North Korean crypto thefts target Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong Nikkei Asia Akinobu Iwasawa and Rei Kobayashi North Korea is using cyberattacks to target Japanese cryptocurrency assets. Hacker groups affiliated with North Korea have stolen $721 million from Japan since 2017, according to a study by a U.K.-based compliance specialist. That is equal to 30% of the total of such losses worldwide.

South Korean president urges expanded technology cooperation with Japan ABC News Kim Tong-Hyung South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol met with Japanese business leaders on Monday and called for expanded technology cooperation between the countries, which he described as a key element in broader efforts to improve relations.

ChatGPT misidentifies digital minister pushing AI use in Japan The Japan Times Isabel Reynolds ChatGPT failed to correctly identify digital minister Taro Kono, even as he advocates for more use of artificial intelligence to help overcome labor shortages caused by a population decline.

South & Central Asia

Defense Minister calls for making India capable of dealing with cyber and space threats Weekly Blitz Defense Minister Rajnath Singh called for making India fully capable of dealing with emerging threats related to cyber and space. On Monday, at the 12th convocation of the Defense Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune, the Defense Minister said that independent decisions on global issues cannot be taken without India’s self-reliance.

A comprehensive study of India and Pakistan’s cyber strengths and weaknesses Modern Diplomacy Saba Kiran Countries have prioritised cybersecurity and developed skills to safeguard their vital infrastructure, digital assets, and private data as a result of the growing significance of cyberspace in the contemporary world. No exemption applies to India and Pakistan, two nuclear-armed neighbours that have a turbulent past. This study compares their cyber capabilities in great depth and evaluates Pakistan’s difficulties and concerning circumstances.

On May 16, the Founder of Peace and National Unity - Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Honorable Emomali Rahmon, left for the People's Republic of China to make a state visit and participate in the "China + Central Asia" Summit of Heads of State.


It’s HealthGPT as chatbots prepare to enter hospitals The Australian Noah Yim Hospitals are trialling ChatGPT AI to help track performance metrics, such as how long high-risk patients are waiting before being screened. This kind of sensitive information could not previously be passed through ChatGPT – the highly successful AI chatbot – because of concerns over confidentiality and intellectual property. However, Microsoft – investors in OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT – has been tentatively rolling out Azure OpenAI, a service that allows use of the under­lying ChatGPT AI, where users can retain intellectual rights and which will not pass information into a pool that could be used to train iterations of the chatbot. Microsoft said hospital auditing and metric tracking service MARS was one of the first deployable products in Australia that integrated the new AI service.

Bad breach preparation leads to bad press: what you can do to minimise the impact The Mandarin Anthony Woodward Data breaches are growing more common, and more damaging. While they are often seen as a data security problem, I would argue that this lets organisations off the hook for their poor data management practices. We always ask, “how did they get in?”, but never questions like, “why does this organisation still have this sensitive data from former customers?” or “why didn’t the company know they had all of this data?” By focusing on the breach, we’re missing a much larger problem.

NZ & Pacific Islands

U.S. technology controls fail to account for Pacific allies Nikkei Asia Miah Hammond-Errey and Tom Corben Controlling the spread of sensitive technologies has served American interests well up until now. Export controls have helped the U.S. to protect its national security by regulating access to advanced military items while at the same time ensuring that the American industrial base is able to innovate and sustain the world's largest economy.

Ukraine - Russia

  • Chinese envoy begins 'political settlement' tour of Ukraine and Russia. Li Hui, China's special representative for Eurasian affairs and former ambassador to Russia, will also visit Poland, France, Germany on the multi-day trip. Reuters

  • European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said yesterday that Kyiv’s peace plan should be the starting point for any efforts to end Russia’s war in Ukraine. The comments appear timed to coincide with China’s “political settlement” tour of Europe. While von der Leyen said it was “very good” that Chinese President Xi Jinping had held a phone call with Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskyy, she stressed Beijing should use its influence on Moscow to end the war. Gabriela Baczynska reports for Reuters.

  • The U.K. will be ready to train Ukrainian pilots to use Western fighter jets “relatively soon,” but supplying Ukraine with the jets is “not straightforward,” Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said yesterday. The training would go “hand in hand with U.K. efforts to work with other countries on providing F16 jets,” the U.K government said. Andrew McDonald reports for POLITICO.

  • With the new long-range missiles, attack drones, tanks, and other armored vehicles, Ukraine has much of what it needs for a counteroffensive, Military analysts say. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has recently secured more weapons systems during his tour of Western Europe. The new weapons signal that Western officials now believe Ukraine could retake significant swaths of territory in a counteroffensive, said Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, a former Danish army intelligence officer. Lara Jakes reports for the New York Times.

  • Despite far-reaching sanctions, tens of millions of dollars of aircraft parts were successfully sent into Russia last year, according to a trove of Russian customs data. These illicit shipments were made possible by networks that bypass the restrictions by shuffling goods through a series of intermediaries, often in the Middle East and Asia. Ana Swanson and Niraj Chokshi report for the New York Times.

  • Russian forces are no longer capable of large-scale offensive action and are mainly on the defensive, Defense Intelligence spokesperson Andriy Yusov said yesterday. Nevertheless, despite a shortage of some types of missiles, the Russians are “capable of sustaining the intensity of attacks,” Yusov said. Tim Lister and Kostan Nechyporenko report for CNN.

  • Kyiv has been targeted by further Russian air attacks, described by one official as “exceptional in density.” Ukraine said all 18 missiles were shot down, six of which were hypersonic Kinzhal missiles which Moscow had previously touted as all but unstoppable. At least three people were injured during the barrage. Gleb Garanich and Sergiy Karazy report for Reuters.

  • Robert Shonov, a former employee of the U.S. Embassy in Russia, has been detained in Moscow for “conspiracy,” according to Russian state-owned news agency TASS. Shonov was charged with “collaboration on a confidential basis with a foreign state or international or foreign organization.” He faces up to eight years in prison. BBC News reports.

  • Ukraine has “lured the enemy into a Bakhmut trap,” said Col. Serhiy Cherevatiy, a spokesperson for Ukrainian forces in eastern Ukraine. Ukraine’s ability to regain several square miles of land on the western outskirts of Bakhmut has vindicated Ukraine’s strategy of bogging down Russian forces as it prepares for a counteroffensive elsewhere, Ukrainian commanders say. Ian Lovett and Stephen Kalin report for the Wall Street Journal.

U.S.-made technology is flowing to sanctioned Russian airlines The New York Times Ana Swanson and Niraj Chokshi Mr. Patsulya and his business partner were arrested Thursday on charges of violating U.S. export controls and international money laundering in a case that illustrates the global networks that are trying to help Russia bypass the most expansive technological controls in history.


  • Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko yesterday denounced comments by French President Emmanuel Macron that Moscow was becoming subservient to China. Reuters reports.

  • Chinese extraterritorial police stations still active in Germany. German security authorities believe that China is still conducting police activities on German soil even though Beijing assured Berlin in February that it had ceased to do so, according to a statement by the German foreign and interior ministries on Monday. Reuters

  • Europe can’t decide how to unplug from China. The Economist calls for a measured debate about proposed ‘de-risking’. The Economist

  • Italy’s Exports to China Are Booming and It’s Not Clear Why. Italy’s exports to China have tripled in little more than a year.Giovanni Salzano and Daniele Lepido. Bloomberg


Russian officials on Monday (15 May) denounced comments by French President Emmanuel Macron that Moscow was becoming subservient to China, saying Western countries must get used to a world underpinned by the Kremlin’s close ties with Beijing. The Russian …

EU plans Black Sea internet cable to reduce reliance on Russia Financial Times Alexandra Heal and Anna Gross The EU is planning an undersea internet cable to improve connectivity to Georgia and reduce dependence on lines running through Russia, amid growing concerns about vulnerabilities to infrastructure transmitting global data.

Italy allocates funds to shield workers from AI replacement threat Reuters Elvira Pollina Italy on Monday earmarked 30 million euros ($33 million) to improve the skills of unemployed people as well as those workers whose jobs could be most at risk from the advance of automation and artificial intelligence.

An interview with Bart Groothuis — the man writing the EU’s cybersecurity laws The Record by Recorded Future Alexander Martin Bart Groothuis has become one of the European Union’s most significant voices on cybersecurity since becoming a Member of the European Parliament just over three years ago. These days his concerns range from a legal proposal in Brussels that would allow the EU to stockpile cybersecurity vulnerabilities, through to the continent needing its own version of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance to become an effective actor on the world stage.


  • Britain and Japan sign renewed science and technology deal. The renewed deal opens up more opportunities for close collaboration on priority areas like semiconductors and clean tech.


  • The Sudanese army carried out air strikes in the north of Khartoum yesterday, attacking its paramilitary rivals around a hospital that witnesses said was damaged in the strike. At least 676 people have been killed and 5,576 injured. About 200,000 fled to nearby countries, and over 700,000 have been displaced inside Sudan, triggering a humanitarian crisis that threatens to destabilize the region. Khalid Abdelaziz and Nafisa Eltahir report for Reuters.

  • The commander of South Africa’s land forces, Lieutenant General Lawrence Mbatha, and his Russian counterpart, Oleg Salyukov, agreed to boost cooperation in talks in Moscow yesterday, Russia’s defense ministry said. “The sides discussed … the implementation of projects geared to enhance the combat readiness of the two countries’ armies,” the ministry has said. BBC News reports.

Monitoring organizations report widespread internet outages in Sudan, Pakistan The Record by Recorded Future Jonathan Greig Internet outages in Sudan and Pakistan have alarmed experts concerned about people in both countries being cut off from the web amid political turmoil. Several organizations monitoring internet connectivity in both countries said residents have faced widespread outages in recent days.

China’s influence on African media African Center for Strategic Studies Bob Wekesa Chinese disinformation practices in Africa are not new and until recently have been explicitly described by the Chinese government as propaganda campaigns, according to leading media scholar Dr. Bob Wekesa with the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa. Speaking from his experiences working in Kenyan media houses and researching Chinese media, Dr. Wekesa defines China’s approach to the media sector as the “total state control of information.” This conceptualization views information as capital to be exploited by the state rather than a public good grounded in journalistic standards.

Middle East

Slapdash attempt to hack rocket sirens may be cause for serious alarm about Iran The Times of Israel Avi Davidi Hackers believed to be linked to Russia and Iran made unsuccessful attempts to sabotage Israeli rocket alert applications during a bout of violence with Gazan terrorists earlier this month, according to Telegram messages seen by The Times of Israel.


China Military

Attempts of the US side to turn back the wheel of history on the Taiwan question are absolutely intolerable, said Senior Colonel Tan Kefei, a spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of National Defense, when responding to media questions on Tuesday.

China Military

China firmly opposes any country using the so-called bilateral treaty as an excuse to meddle in the South China Sea issue and undermine China's rights and interests, said a Chinese defense spokesperson on Tuesday.


Ukrainian air defenses thwarted an intense Russian air attack on Kyiv early Tuesday, shooting down all 18 missiles aimed at the capital, officials said.


Germany plans to retire its Airbus Helicopters Tiger attack fleet in favour of acquiring more Airbus Helicopters H145M utility rotorcraft that it can arm with long-range air-to-surface missiles.

Defence One

But caution is needed to make sure the technology doesn't go off the rails.


The Algerian Ministry of National Defence (MND) released a photograph on 9 May confirming it has acquired the CHL-906 electronic warfare system made by China's ELINC.

The photograph showed Chief of Staff General Saïd Chengriha inspecting troops after an exercise in the 3rd Military Region, which is headquartered at Béchar, close to the Moroccan border. The line-up included three trucks, two of which had the antennas associated with the CHL-906's multifunction radar jamming and electronic intelligence (ELINT) stations, both in travel configuration.


Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) KF-21 fighter aircraft has passed a “provisional combat suitability evaluation”, the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) said on 16 May.

DAPA said the milestone – achieved following two years of trials – is intended to accelerate aircraft manufacturing ahead of the initial KF-21 production phase in 2024.


Austria's procurement organisation Bundesbeschaffung GmbH Wien has signed a seven-year framework agreement with Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) for the procurement of up to 1,375 vehicles with a potential order volume of up to EUR525 million (USD570.6 million), Rheinmetall announced in a press release on 10 May.


The Brazilian privately owned shipbuilder Estaleiro Jurong Aracruz (EJA) officially marked the start of construction of the NApAnt Almirante Saldanha (H22) Antarctic support ship for the Brazilian Navy on 9 May with the first steel cut of the ship at the company's shipyard located in Aracruz, State of Espírito Santo.


Two Chinese warships have ventured into the Western Pacific for live-fire exercises, the military said on Tuesday, shortly after one of China's two aircraft carriers returned from a patrol, in its latest projection of force into more distant waters.

The Defence Post

Belarus strongman Alexander Lukashenko on Monday said forces had been put on high alert, adding that four aircraft had reportedly been shot out of the sky in southern Russia.

Lukashenko, 68, visited the ex-Soviet country’s air force central command, re-appearing in public after nearly a week-long absence following reports alleging ill-health.

Daily NK

A trading company affiliated with North Korea’s Ministry of Defense is preparing to deploy soldiers overseas for foreign currency earning activities, Daily NK has learned. “Jonsong Trading Company, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Defense, is …


Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC), teamed with Shield AI, has been selected by the U.S. Army to participate in the Future Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (FTUAS) competition, Increment 2, to replace the long-serving RQ-7B Shadow tactical unmanned …

National Defense Magazine

This time of year, Congress is usually busy marking up the annual National Defense Authorization Act and mapping out the defense budget for the next fiscal year. However, just as the House Armed Services Committee was to begin work on …

Army Technology

Northrop Grumman Corporation has reached a milestone in delivering key components for Poland’s WISŁA medium-range air defence program, bringing the Integrated Battle Command System (IBCS) closer to full fielding.

Space War

Lockheed Martin to modernize US missile defense with C2BMC by Staff Writers Colorado Springs CO (SPX) May 10, 2023 Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT), the lead contractor for the U.S. Missile Defense Agency's (MDA) Command and Control, Battle Management, and …

Times Now

On March 24, 1967, Robert and his colleagues saw eight orange-coloured lights over the base, which was holding 10 nuclear missiles. |Image: Unsplash KEY HIGHLIGHTS Robert Salas, a retired US Air Force Captain, was in-charge of the Malmstrom base in Montana …

Hindustan Times

Former United States Air Force captain Robert Salas told National Geographic's show UFOs: Investigating the Unknown about an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) sighting at the nuclear missile base in the country.

The Economic Times

Australia has said it will gift an air force aircraft to enhance Sri Lanka’s sovereign aerial maritime surveillance capability, following India’s example to expand security ties with the island nation as part of its Indian Ocean outreach.

The Defence Post

Elbit Systems has received a 20-million-euro ($21.8 million) contract to supply mortar munition systems and training solutions to Montenegro.

The agreement is part of the ongoing Israili government’s efforts to enhance its military cooperation with the Balkan government.

Big Tech

Elon Musk loses bid to end SEC 'muzzle' over tweets Reuters Jonathan Stempel A federal appeals court on Monday rejected Elon Musk's bid to modify or end his 2018 securities fraud settlement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that required a Tesla lawyer to approve some of his tweets in advance.

Google launching tools to identify misleading and AI images Bloomberg Vlad Savov Google is adding two new features to its image search to reduce the spread of misinformation, especially now that artificial intelligence tools have made the creation of photorealistic fakes trivial.

PwC targeted Apple, Google, Microsoft with leaked tax plan Australian Financial Review Neil Chenoweth and Edmund Tadros Apple, Google and Microsoft are believed to be among 23 US tech firms that PwC Australia contacted hours after treasurer Joe Hockey announced an anti-tax avoidance law in the May 2015 budget, to say the big four firm had a workaround plan for the legislation.

TikTok adds a new mental health awareness hub to provide users access to resources TechCrunch Aisha Malik With a U.S. ban of TikTok looming, the company is introducing a new mental health awareness hub to allow users to learn about well-being topics, connect with advocates and support organizations that provide important resources. To access the new hub, users have to go to the #MentalHealthAwareness hashtag page and tap on the link in the description.

Artificial Intelligence

‘Weaponised’ AI is an existential threat to truth, says Human Rights commissioner Lorraine Finlay The Australian Lorraine Finlay AI is transformative technology that will change our world. It has the potential to help solve complex problems, boost productivity and efficiency, reduce human error and democratise information. The uses that have been canvassed in areas such as healthcare and education highlight the potential of this technology to significantly enhance human rights. But it is not all upside. The risks and potential harms of generative AI products are immediate. The “Godfather of AI”, Geoffrey Hinton, shocked the world last week when he quit Google so he could “freely speak out about the risks of AI”.


Should social media face-altering filters be regulated? BBC Dave Gordon and Will Smale While no-one is calling for the tech to be banned, there have been increasing moves to force social media advertisers and influencers - people who are often being paid to promote products in a more informal way - to admit when they have altered their physical image.


The rise of the People's Republic of China represents the most significant foreign policy challenge of the 21st century. In all spheres, from the economy, to technology, to security and the environment, engaging with an increasingly dominant China is both necessary and inevitable.

Extrema Ratio provides an objective analysis of the strategic risks posed by the emergence of Chinese state authoritarianism as the dominant geopolitical force.

Photo: La Cina di Xi Jinping - Verso un nuovo ordine mondiale sinocentrico? (Italian)

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