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Let's try to be a little freer

Only those who love them deserve to rule a people,  because only those who love him are willing to serve. 
The misery of current politics is all here.

Only those who do not love are willing to serve themselves rather than serve .

Gabriele Iuvinale

The  solutions  governmental to a  problem  they are usually as bad as the  problem.

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Nicola Iuvinale

I would be very bad in a world without books, but that is not where reality is, since it is not there in its entirety.

Who we are

We are called Gabriele and Nicola Iuvinale. We are both lawyers.
Economy, law, finance but above all the need to want to be responsible European citizens have pushed us to create a space for reflection and analysis.
This is how the idea of a blog was born, a bit for fun and a bit as a challenge. With ourselves first of all. And then with some people we met in our personal and work life. So, with great lightness, but with the will to understand going beyond what we are often led to believe by others, we get back to studying, even with a few wrinkles. With the awareness that there will always be much more to learn, especially thanks to listening and comparison. In mutual respect and gratitude.

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