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It closes on 2022. On February 24th we entered a new historical era. The real challenge is China

On November 22, 2021 we had already announced #Putin's invasion of #Ukraine. We have been repeating for some time that between Putin and #XiJinping there is a pact of steel signed a few days before the invasion, at the Beijing Olympics. Putin, Xi Jinping and Raisi want to rewrite the rules of the free world. Today 2022 ends. We close it having delivered our essay on "Xijinping China" to the press. It will be released in January 2023 and I hope you will take it to "understand" the seriousness of the situation we have gotten ourselves into. Today I would like to recall the words of a great jurist, Calamandrei. "Freedom is like air, you realize how much it's worth when it starts to lack. Freedom must always be vigilant". Freedom has a cost that we ALL have to bear. The war in Ukraine will take a more dangerous turn. Putin, now cornered even internally, can only play the final card, that of total war. From the East, there are now certain rumors of a "formal" planning of the taking of Taiwan which was announced at the XX congress of the CPC. Since then, all political, administrative and military acts speak openly of "preparation for war", imposing the absolute devotion of officers and soldiers to their supreme commander. The eternal father Xi, named emperor for life. He, a second-generation redhead, a convinced Maoist, is hired to realize the "Chinese dream", he must complete the Maoist revolution: the "middle ground" must be the navel of the world. The world will have to be red. Let's get ready for the end of the "long twilight struggle", what Kennedy defined as such between freedom and totalitarianism. Freedom will always win, but it's not free. On February 24, 2022 we entered a new historical era. Happy New Year.

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