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Belt and Road: the president of Saudi Vision Investment Company visited China Energy Construction International Group for exchanges and negotiations

Omer Almidani, President and CEO of Saudi Vision Investment Company, and his team recently visited the headquarters of China Energy Construction International Group.

During the meeting, Lin Xiaodan, senior vice president of Energy China International Group and president of Ocean Investment Company, and Almidani had an in-depth and fruitful discussion on deepening strategic mutual trust and promoting multidisciplinary investment and construction cooperation in the Middle East East, Central Asia and other regions.

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Lin Xiaodan pointed out that China Energy Construction has always adhered to the strategic concept of equal emphasis on project contracts and investment, and is committed to the extensive development of the global market.

"We have accumulated rich experience in investment, construction and project management in various fields such as energy and electricity, water conservancy and water affairs, municipal construction and comprehensive transportation. Especially in the Middle East , Central Asia and other regions, we have successfully established a number of model projects for green and low-carbon development,” Lin Xiaodan said.

“China Energy Construction looks forward to strengthening communication and cooperation with Saudi Vision Investment Company, making full use of each other's advantages and focusing on deepening cooperation in infrastructure investment and construction fields such as water affairs, transportation and construction housing in key countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Uzbekistan. We hope that both sides can quickly promote the implementation of relevant projects and achieve goals of mutual benefit, win-win outcomes and common development," he added.

Almidani said that Saudi Vision Investment Company focuses on district refrigeration, integrated transportation, infrastructure construction, water pipeline, wastewater treatment and other fields, and is committed to investing and building a series of related projects in the Middle East and Central Asia.

He appreciated China Energy's strength and integration advantages in the fields of energy and infrastructure construction, and believes that the two sides are highly complementary in business, with huge cooperation potential and broad prospects. He hopes that both sides can further deepen their good cooperative partnership, make full use of each other's advantages, strengthen communication and docking, and jointly promote cooperation in various fields to achieve more substantial results.

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