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China: "We will succeed by learning from China's excellent traditional military culture."

A recent paper published by Beijing National Defense University explains what "LIMINALWARFARE" is in the logic of Chinese strategic military science.

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"The use of civilian and military forces is a long-term technique. Attack the unprepared and catch the enemy by surprise."

This is the summary of traditional Chinese military culture explained in the paper from Beijing National Defense University.

Paper of the Research Center for the Study of Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, National Defense University.

"The fundamental way to promote the sinization of Marxist military theory. "If you want a tree to grow long, you must strengthen its roots; if you want a tree to reach far, you must dredge its source." "China's excellent traditional military culture is an important part of traditional Chinese culture."

"It contains a strategic vision that embraces both vertical and horizontal directions. The strategic wisdom of traditional military science is the historical crystallization of the rich experience and teachings of the Chinese nation's millennia-old military practice and is the essential ideological outcome of China's excellent traditional military culture." "Although the world is at peace, it will be in danger if we forget the war." "The use of civilian and military forces is a long-lasting technique."

These considerations, the paper adds, "are manifestations of the rational wisdom of the Chinese nation and have important implications for war. They contain wise and strategic military strategy. Strategic culture has been an important part of China's excellent traditional military culture since ancient times, and its most concentrated field of expression is military science."

"Incorporating elements of the times of modern warfare, China's excellent traditional military culture continues to demonstrate its enduring power. Looking at today's world, no matter how turbulent the new military revolution is, its fundamental element is still culture."

“Innovate by inheriting and inherit by innovating,” say Chinese strategists.

"We must focus on seizing the strategic commanding heights of future military competition, keep up with world military trends, always stand at the forefront of the times, war, and science and technology, and use excellent traditional military culture to support, strengthen, and shape various tangible forces. It is necessary to proactively adapt to the evolution of war patterns, strive to achieve in-depth integration of military technology and military culture, promote the formation and establishment of modern warfare thinking methods, promote excellent traditional military culture to insert the wings of modern warfare, and achieve creative transformation and innovative development. It is necessary to focus on the development direction of advanced combat effectiveness, fully absorb the strategic wisdom contained in traditional military science, and use new ideas, open ways of thinking, and broad strategic vision to innovate and develop a strong force that has the characteristics of our military, demonstrates the spirit of the times, and supports victory."

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