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DIA: a newly declassified U.S. military report points to Iran's role in Ucraine

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The Pentagon's intelligence analysts just published a detailed look at Iranian-made drones getting heavy use inside Ukraine.

The document, which was released early Tuesday with findings as recent as late October, includes multi-directional analysis of Shahed-136s, Shahed-131s, and Mohajer 6 Multirole UAVs.

Analysis confirms Russia’s use of various lethal Iranian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) against Ukraine, according to an unclassified report released today by the Defense Intelligence Agency.
Photo: An Iranian-origin UAV is seen flying over Kyiv, Ukraine during an attack on 17 October 2022 - Image Source: EPA Images

The drones—especially the first two models, which are often referred to as "kamikaze drones" due to their one-way targeting using explosive warheads—have pummeled Ukraine's energy infrastructure and electricity grid in dozens of missions that began on September 13. The latter model, the Mohajer-6s, are designed to return to their base after carrying out a strike mission with any of the four missiles it can carry.

The new report compares Iranian-made drones recovered in Ukraine to similar models found across the Middle East, with annotated side-by-side photos isolating, e.g., wing stabilizers, wooden propellers, engine mounts, ignition components, and more.

“Iranian UAVs in Ukraine: A Visual Comparison” provides a comparative analysis of publicly available images of UAVs used by Russia in its war in Ukraine and recently declassified images of Iranian UAVs used to attack U.S. and partner interests in the Middle East.

The Guardian reported Sunday that Russia's navy received at least six of the Mojaher-6s back in November, after Iranian officials smuggled the items via "boats and a state-owned airline."

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