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The US State Department continues to send "China Observers" to its embassies. Now it's Japan's turn

"China experts" are already present in at least 20 U.S. embassies, including Brussels, Rome, Sydney, Bangkok with tasks of analyzing Chinese policies and the activities of Beijing-based companies, as well as promoting the building of a supply chain for important materials such as semiconductors that is not dependent on China

According to a report from the Japanese agency Kyodo News on May 19, the Biden administration will send the first expert on China and East Asia to the US embassy in Tokyo, Japan in July to closely monitor the activities of the Beijing government and Chinese companies.

Photo profile twitter Secretary Antony Blinken

This is part of the US State Department's “Regional China Attaché Program” which consists of sending Chinese observers around the world.

The United States views China as “the only competitor with the will and ability to change the international order.”

Sending experts began during the Trump administration. The State Department has already sent a total of 20 "observers" to American embassies in Brussels, Rome, Sydney, Bangkok and other places.

The personnel who will be sent to Tokyo have experience working in China and Japan and will be affiliated with the "Office of China Coordination", informally known as China House, a special branch of the US State Department that guides China policy.

The mandate will last three years and the expert will also have the task of promoting the construction of a supply chain of important materials such as semiconductors that is not dependent on China.

The Biden administration views China as the "largest geopolitical threat" and has strengthened its global strategy against Beijing, such as establishing the China Mission Center (CMC) at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in October 2021 to carry out analysis work.

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