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One belt, one road: phase II of China's UAE offshore oil field opens first oil production

The project not only helps promote the in-depth development of Sino-Arab energy cooperation, but also lays a solid foundation for broader and higher-level cooperation between the two sides under the joint construction of the Belt and Road. In addition, this outcome is of great importance in strengthening China's influence and competitiveness in the global energy market


Phase II offshore of PetroChina's Abu Dhabi Land and Sea Project marked an important milestone on March 27, 2024, when the Belbazem oil field successfully achieved its first oil production.

Photo Seetao.

PetroChina's Abu Dhabi Land and Sea Project, the first major cooperative project jointly built by PetroChina and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company of the United Arab Emirates, has shown strong development potential since March 2018, when the first phase of the project was put into production. With the successful commissioning of the second phase of the project, the Belbazem field, the Land and Sea project will reach a crude oil production scale of 50,000 barrels per day, adding new momentum to the cooperation between the two sides.

According to Beijing, the project adopts an innovative shared development model that effectively reduces direct investment and production costs and maximizes economic benefits and resource utilization through integration of facilities and resources with neighboring fields and synergistic operational strategies.

At the same time, the project actively applies advanced technologies such as digital twins and artificial intelligence, improving production efficiency and operational safety and significantly reducing carbon emissions and operating costs, defining a green and sustainable development model.

PetroChina's Abu Dhabi Land and Sea Project is considered the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company's pioneering offshore oil field.

Abdulmunim Saif Al-Kindi, executive director of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company's (ADNOC) Upstream Business, pointed out that the success of the first oil production from the Belbazem field under the land and sea project is a strong confirmation of the strategic partnership between ADNOC and CNPC.

This achievement undoubtedly marks a new level of cooperation between the two sides, which not only highlights the vitality and potential of cooperation between the UAE and China in the field of energy, but also indicates that the two sides will have a wider space and unlimited possibilities to deepen their cooperation in the future, added Abdulmunim Saif Al-Kindi.

At the important moment when the Belbazem field welcomed its first oil extraction, Zhang Yiming, Chinese ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, personally visited the project site. He mentioned that energy cooperation has always been a key part of practical cooperation between China and Arab countries.

In recent years, China and the UAE have continued to strengthen their cooperation in two main areas, namely traditional oil and gas and green and clean energy, and have made new breakthroughs and progress.

The Land and Sea project is a model of cooperation between PetroChina and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), which has achieved mutually beneficial and win-win results.

The Chinese Embassy in the UAE will continue to provide strong support to both sides to deepen energy cooperation and help the China-Arabia comprehensive strategic partnership reach a new level, concluded the Chinese Ambassador.

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